Multi User Desktop 2004 Free Download

Version: 2.0   (version history)
Date: February 18, 2004

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OS: Win NT/2000/XP
Rating: Rating: 5.0/5
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Author: Gamers Tower Inc

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Multi User Desktop 2004 Description

Multi User Desktop 2004 Free Download.

Increase your workspace and boost your productivity. Use a new desktop to have a clean environment for new tasks.

Multi User Desktop 2004 creates an unlimited number of real--not virtual--desktops. All desktops can run different GUI, be authenticated with different users, store different icons, use different display resolutions, independent program start-up menu, and be individually password-locked with our advanced password protection. Profile & Icon Managers create profiles and save the exact position of all icons on all desktops. Common tasks can be assigned to each desktop.

Multi User Desktop supports INTEL Hyper Threading Technology. You can run 3D & 2D desktops simultaneously with the original Windows GUI and quickly switch between desktops with hotkeys or an icon in the system tray.

By changing display resolutions instantly, web developers, graphic designers, and artists can view their creations under any combination of resolution, color depth, and refresh rate. Multi User Desktop 2004 features advanced password protection for each desktop, enhanced ALT+TAB menu, two hotkeys per desktop, on-screen messaging, and extremely fast switching time.

Intuitive configuration options are easy for novice users, yet very powerful for professionals. Multi Desktop also comes with five pre-configured desktops.

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