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Version: 1.2.8   (version history)
Date: July 24, 2004

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OS: Win XP
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WinGlance Description

WinGlance Free Download.

WinGlance is a visualizable Alt-Tab replacement task switching utility with extra abilities of instant window closing and duration and memory information viewing.

Ideally for multitasking-minded Windows XP users, this handy, easy-to-use, and visually appealing productivity tools lets users switch from one open window to another, with only a click at the full-screen neatly-arranged window-snapshot list.

The list can be activated by simply pressing Alt-Tab or pointing a mouse over lower right corner of a screen. Moreover, to get a lot more work done in less time, users can easily switch to a recent window or other windows by pressing keyboard shortcuts. Flexibly, all default key combinations and mouse gesture can be configurable.

Key Features:
- Simply activate a snapshot-window list with a mouse cursor pointing to the lower right screen corner or pressing Alt-Tab combination key only once
- Full-screen window showing window snapshots of all running applications
- Chronically arranged or application-typically arranged
- Automatically resized window snapshots
- Unlimited window snapshots of all running applications
- Instant information (running duration, virtual memory usage, and total memory usage of each window)
- On-the-fly window closing
- Flexible configuration
- Fast, reliable, handy, and easy to use
- Intuitively friendly user interface
- Free life-time upgrade
- Low memory usage
- Pure C programming with Win32 API guaranteed for fast running with this high graphic quality
- 95% less occurrences of incomplete window snapshots (black snapshots) than PowerToy Task-Switcher
- Unlike PowerToy Task-Switcher, no duplicated window snapshots of MS Project and MS PowerPoint

WinGlance keywords: alt-tab replacement, task switching, task switcher, utilities, desktop management, desktop enhancement

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