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Date: April 26, 2006

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OS: Win 98/ME/2000/XP
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OneFinger ToGet Description

OneFinger ToGet Free Download.

Launch, text insert, hotkey reminder.., all by one finger on your keyboard. With OneFinger ToGet, you can use Microsoft Windows and any program by just one finger on keyboard, with the help of your eyes instead of your memory. Have you ever calculated how many times you move the mouse back and forth then clicking to open/close/move/switch the window while reading emails, surfing internet..?

With OneFinger ToGet, anything you can do by your keyboard and most things you can do by your mouse, you can do it instantly by one of your fingers. It helps you to save time for those repeatedly actions and give you more options. Launcher: You can launch anything from your system instantly, include programs, documents, folders, web site.

Text inserter: Save and organize your frequently used texts and get them instantly. Program assistant: OneFinger ToGet can show you each program’s shortcut keys on the SmartTip and help you to use them instinctively. Other functions including: Media control, Window control, Task control, Eject/Close CD/DVD, Zoom In/Out, and more.

The most powerful thing is our Program-Specific technique: Each program can has its own setting of above functions as you need. You do not need to design program, but you can definitely design the way you using your computer. OneFinger ToGet let you explore unlimited imagination as how you can easily manipulate your computer by just one finger.

OneFinger ToGet keywords: function keys, shortcut keys, hotkeys, launcher, text insert, auto type, keyboard

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