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Date: December 22, 2005

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Author: Sky Limit Productions

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Persuasions Unlimited Description

Persuasions Unlimited Free Download.

How many influences are in your life? How many words have you heard in your life that have made you feel sad, mad or depressed? Have you ever wondered why sometimes a very slight action or a harmless word can invoke feelings of guilt, helplessness or another less strengthening emotion? We are surrounded by influences and most are hidden or unnoticed. There is a way you can help counteract these hidden influences and that is by creating your own.

With Persuasions Unlimited you are able to unlock the hidden thoughts that guide your decisions and emotions. Create subliminal messages that will re-affirm or encourage a positive and empowering thought pattern. Overcome bad habits and age old patterns that you thought you could never break free. Associate positive thoughts and actions with your life. Make this investment in yourself - for once.

Persuasions Unlimited flashes messages on the screen so fast that they by-pass the conscious thinking mind and directly influence the subconscious. The more you are exposed to the subliminal messages the greater the impact.

* Comes with dozens of pre-defined professionally designed messages. Includes categories such as: Wealth Building, Self-Confidence, Quit Smoking, Anxiety Free, Sleep Aid, Love, Memorization, Relationships, among many others...
* Mix and Match any category and any message.
* Create an unlimited amount of your own categories and messages. Who knows better what you need to think than yourself?
* The messages even appear over many screensavers.
* Runs in the background while you continue your work without interfering.
* Easy to install and to use.

Persuasions Unlimited keywords: self help, health, mental health, desktop utility, misc, miscellaneous

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