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Version: 1.56c.1.d   (version history)
Date: November 30, 2014

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OS: Windows
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Author: ByteScout

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SWF To Screensaver Scout Description

SWF To Screensaver Scout Free Download.

SWF to Screensaver Scout: converts Flash to Screensaver (FLV, SWF to SCR, EXE)

*Make screensavers from flash FLV movies and SWF files - create out-of-the-box standalone .EXE and .SCR files for Windows 2000 and higher (up to Windows Vista and Windows 7);
*DUAL monitors configurations support: screensaver runs on each additional monitor automatically;
*Set custom icons (.ico) for output EXE and SCR files;
*Create password protected installers;
*Customizable title, publisher, web-site url, readme, about text (for Settings button);
*You can preview the screensaver before saving SCR or EXE setup file;
*Ability to set custom options for flash movie used in screensaver (align, scale, quality and other);
*Includes all features of Movies Extractor Scout (full featured flash movies and video extractor);
*FOR SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS: includes command line console utility to automate conversion of SWF (flash files) into .scr (screensaver files) or ready to use .exe installation files.

Additional features:
*With this program you can extract flash movies from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers, save SWF to disk, convert SWF to EXE, and extract SWF from EXE files;
*The program can automatically play flash movies in the order they are listed. If you want to see your favorite flash movies, just click the first flash file and the rest of them will be shown automatically in the order they are listed;
*You can set flash movie as Windows Desktop Wallpaper;
*When adding a flash file to the Favorites list, it is saved onto your hard-drive automatically;
*You can make copies or e-mail a link to the file later;
*When the full screen mode is activated, the task panel is removed - you can watch your flash file as if it is a movie;
*You can capture and save frames from flash movie to JPG, TIFF, PDF and PNG image files;
*You can automate making SCR and EXE screensavers from Flash movies using command line interface.

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