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Version: 1.0   (version history)
Date: February 23, 2007

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OS: Win 2000/XP
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Author: VisionSuit Software

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Vision Suit Description

Vision Suit Free Download.

Vision Suit excellently improves and enhances the vision of computer display.

It acts as a powerful virtual filter of the screen to generate a variety of living and realistic visual effects, significantly reduces screen glare which causes eyestrain, headache and discomfort, and dramatically turns the flat and boring user interface to be more comfortable and enjoyable.

Vision Suit blends the screen display with solid colors, color gradients and pictures to eliminate the glare of the bright color blocks and adapt the color style and brightness to the lighting environment, texturizes the screen display to produce realistic visual effects imitating natural materials such as paper, wood, stone, grain, fiber, and more.

Vision Suit also generates real-time and realistic lighting effects directly on the screen.

It is a powerful and easy-to-use program which intuitively turns the vision of computer display to be more living, user-friendly and health-care.

Key features of Vision Suit include:Eliminate glaring color blocks on the screen Adapt the color style and brightness of the computer display to the lighting environment

Apply color gradient effects to the screen Texturize the screen naturalistically Blend the screen with your favorite photo or scene Apply real-time and realistic lighting effects to the screen

Built-in 34 high-quality textures, 23 color gradient styles, and 5 lighting styles

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