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Date: January 12, 2000

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Author: Edward Greenwood

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Athlete's Database Description

Athlete's Database Free Download.

Athlete's Database is a multi-sport training log that records and analyzes daily exercise for any aerobic activity.

It can be used for running, walking, cycling, swimming, weight control, and general fitness.

The logbook lets you track distance, time, pace, speed, calories, maximum heart rate, resting heart rate, temperature, weight, water used, hours slept, whether the workout was a competition or training, difficulty, type of workout, and comments. The search tool lets you find one or more days that match a specified pattern.

You can display any of this information on a monthly calendar, and highlight training and competitive days.

To help isolate factors that improve performance you can also view any of the logbook information on one of the graphs (bar, line, area, or moving average). In addition, you can generate a variety of statistics, and print reports. Other tools include a metric to English conversion calculator, and a pace and speed calculator (simply enter your distance and time).

You can open and use several window at once to quickly examine data from different perspectives and identify trends.

Athlete's Database can be used by multiple users.

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