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Date: June 10, 2000

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The Old Masters - Rembrandt Screensaver Description

The Old Masters - Rembrandt Screensaver Free Download.

Rembrandt van Rijn is universally thought to be one of the great masters of art. He is also arguably considered by many to be the greatest painter that ever held a brush. His work often went far beyond the accepted mainstream rules of style for his time. His style, though influenced by others both before and during his time, was and remains distinctly his. From the faces that seem to dominate his canvases to his landscapes, Rembrandt created a depth of perception that had never before been seen and remains unmatched to this day. This program offers 32 of his greatest works for your enjoyment and pleasure. Additional features:

- Selection From 23 Optional Transitional Effects
- User Determined Delay Between Each Work of Art
- Desktop Screensaver Quick Start Control
- System Tray Screensaver Control
- Optional Password Protection
- Microsoft Plus! Support
- Optional Titles
- Easy, Automatic Uninstall

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