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Version: 2.0   (version history)
Date: October 03, 1997

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OS: Windows
Rating: Not rated
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Author: GTI Software

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GTI Desktop+ Description

GTI Desktop+ Free Download.

GTI Desktop+ lets you automatically change your screen savers, wallpaper, desktop themes, and startup/exit sounds, and turn any screen saver into animated wallpaper.

The program interface features 5 tabs which include Screen Saver, Sounds, Themes, Wallpaper, and Wallpaper animate.

The Screen Saver function will start a random screen saver from your collection every time the screen saver starts. You can also enable 'hot corners' so that the screen saver will automatically start as soon as you move the cursor into a selected corner.

The Sounds function will automatically change the Startup/Exit sounds every time GTI Desktop+ runs.

The Themes function can also randomize your desktop themes every time GTI Desktop+ starts up or at a user-defined interval (this option requires you have Microsoft Plus! installed).

The Wallpaper function improves the management of desktop wallpapers. Not only does it act as a wallpaper randomizer, but it will also let you use BMP, JPGEG, or WMF files as wallpaper. It can be set to stretch all wallpapers to the screen size or auto center/tile wallpapers depending on the image size.

The Wallpaper Animate function lets you turn any Windows 95/NT screen saver into an animated wallpaper.

All of the features within GTI Desktop+ are controlled through one simple integrated package. And all of the features can be individually turned on or off, so you only need to use the functions you want. GTI Desktop+ can be accessed from an icon in your System Tray.

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