Gagne's Nine Events of Instruction Screensaver

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Date: November 18, 2005
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Author: Pixel Paradox

Publisher's Description

Dr. Robert Gagne (1916-2002) was a preeminent researcher in the field of human learning. His seminal writings on the design of instruction are standards in Instructional Design schools around the world. Gagne identifed five major categories of learning:

- verbal information
- intellectual skills
- cognitive strategies
- motor skills
- attitudes

Different internal and external conditions are necessary for each type of learning.

This FREE screensaver presents Professor Gagne's Nine Events of Instruction that support the learning process. These events are not optional in the development of quality instruction:

1. Gain attention
2. Inform learner of the objective
3. Stimulate recall of prerequisite learning
4. Present the stimulus material
5. Provide learning guidance
6. Elicit the performance
7. Provide feedback about performance correctness
8. Assess the performance
9. Enhance retention and transfer

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