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Date: December 03, 2014

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Author: Mental Array Software

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MentalPlasma Description

MentalPlasma Free Download.

MentalPlasma Multicolur swirling multicolour screensaver

Healing lights of certain colours have been used throughout time for the purpose of healing.The whole spectrum of colours have the ability to heal because colours are frequency wavelengths.

The body has spinning energy centers that look like spinning wheels and are called, Chakras. As with all things in our reality, they are linked to sound, light and color.

Shining coloured lights near the body has therapeutic effects and It is no secret that different colours produce different moods and effects:psychological and longer-term interior spiritual effects.

Even which coloured clothes one wears affects us daily.MentalPlasma ScreenSaver will help you with its Swirling multicolours whenever you have been using your computer.

Features include Show / hide FPS / Clock Bloom / Blur effects with options Transparency on / off

MentalPlasma keywords: 3d art, screen saver, healing colours

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