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Historic Magic Posters Screensaver Description

Historic Magic Posters Screensaver Free Download.

The 50 Magic posters depicted here include a wide gamut of the magic shows that traveled the United States from the 1870s to the 1930s.

They include a number of Houdini posters, plus Thurston Kellar, Zan Zig, Phllips Climation, Prof. Bollini the Italian magician, Von Arx, magician, illusionist, Hardeen, brother of Houdini, Frederick Bancroft, prince of magicians and others.

The Historic Magic Posters screen saver includes the year the poster was used, plus optional music.

The posters say such things as (1898) Stone walls and chains do not make a prison for Houdini, (1901) Houdini, nothing on earth can hold Houdini! (1929) Thurston, world's famous magician the wonder show of the earth. (1899) Zan Zig performing with rabbit and roses, including hat trick and levitation. (1925) Thurston's greatest mystery the vanishing whippet Willys-Overland car : the wonder show of the universe.

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