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Ulcinj 365 Free Download.

I love Ulcinj Vacation and Travel Photos. This Holiday screensaver shows amazing Photos of Ulcinj / Ulqin in Montenegro.

Ulcinj is a typical Mediterranean travel destination with old narrow streets, romantic bars and restaurants, small shops, antique monuments, churches, mosques and picturesque buildings. Ulcinj is also well known for his famous sailors. During the last centuries the most developed industry in Ulquini was trade and maritime affairs.

Sailors used to import different products from overseas which they would exchange for the goods they were in need of. Ulqini has a long and rich maritime and merchant tradition. Ulcinj is like a sun resort.

It is rich with subtropical Mediterranean and decorating plants like old olive trees, palm trees, agaves, cypresses, and mimosas. Ulcinj has been for many centuries a pirate nest.

In Mala Plaza bay very close to Ulcinj, the pirates in 17th an and 18th century celebrated their victories, preparing halvah stirring it with oars, dividing their loot. Miguel de Cervantes supposedly was held captive for five years. Legend says that he fellt in love with a woman who was the inspiration for Don Quixote's lady love, Dulcinea.

One square in Ulcinj down town is called the Slave Square because the pirates from Ulcinj were trading in the 17th and 18th century black slaves from different African countries. Velika Plaa ("Long Beach"), which is a 13 km long and the longest sand beach on the Adriatic sea.

The beach is covered with fine sand which contains large quantities of iodine and salt minerals and is known to have healing effects for curing rheumatism and skin diseases.

It includes photos from the countryside, the people and things which are part of their culture. All Images in resolution 1024x768 pix. Saver is set to automatically fit them to your own screen size.

Discover the Riviera of Ulcinj. You will love it. Sponsored by www.Ulcinj365.com - All pictures in resolution 1024x768 pix. and High Color (24-bit).

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