Teddy Bear Parade Free Download

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Date: November 22, 2008


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Teddy Bear Parade Description

Teddy Bear Parade Free Download.

A Teddy bear has customarily been our best friend.

The teddy bear protects us from the monster under the bed, comforts us when we aren't feeling well, never tells our secrets, knows all of our faults and loves us anyway. He is a constant companion, and a participant in all of our adventures. It is a proven fact that teddy bears given to sick, hurt, or abused children will help them heal.

Perhaps just the thought of having a warm friend close chases away the feelings of loneliness or helplessness.

Teddy collectors are known as Arctophiles from the Greek words 'arcto' (bear) and 'philos' (lover), and a collection of teddy bears is called a Hug!

Free screensaver has lots of happy teddy bears pictures rotating in a delightful display to the favorite old tune of the Teddy Bears' Picnic.

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