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David Kakabadze - Wallpapers Description

David Kakabadze - Wallpapers Free Download.

30 different wallpaper images with David Kakabadze's works. Display masterpieces on your desktop.

David Kakabadze's (1889-1952) creative life was a hard one even full of contradictions which were shown in his great desire to develop the national traditions and to raise them to the new quality on the one hand and in the desire to comprehend and master the "newest" trends in the West European art of the XX century on the other hand. These contradictions, that seem "irreconcilable" at first sight, reveal his solid character, his aim and his unique creative individuality.

He used oil, pencil, water-colors, metal, glass and other technical means with a great mastership. The peculiarity of his talent is revealed in his every work, in every period of his creative life, in which he planned his beforehand.

First his task was inwardly "mastered", seriously decided and then it was fulfilled in the generalized artistic forms. In this way he created landscapes, searching for the equivalent to the nature.

This is the explanation to the facts that he generally made a series, groups of works, in which we see different variations of working out one and the same topic, and we see no "alternation" or the stages in search of a better decision. If we take separately each variation, from this series, we'll see that it is an artistically fulfilled piece of art.

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