Exontrol! ExCalendar Free Download

Version: 1.0   (version history)
Date: January 31, 2002

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OS: Win 95/98/ME/2000
Rating: Not rated
Popularity: Popularity 0/10
Author: Exontrol Inc.

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Exontrol! ExCalendar Description

Exontrol! ExCalendar Free Download.

The ExCalendar Library contains two ActiveX controls, simple version and drop-down version that allow you to select a date with a nice GUI. You can select the date between 1/1/100 and 12/31/9999, Both versions support images, colors, font attributes, tooltips for any date.

Features Include:
-simple and dropdown versions
-multiple months in the client area.
-single or multiple selection
-easily scroll to next/previous month, change year, and select date via a simple click
-color, font attributes, tooltips, images, markers, for any date
-easy way to load/save the event date collection
-customize data format for drop-down version
-flat or 3D appearance
-supports multiple languages
-auto size or fixed size
-UNICODE and ANSI versions available
-built using 100% ATL
-and more

Full context sensitive on-line help, samples code

Exontrol! ExCalendar keywords: caveman, rockland, game, rpg, sim, shareware

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