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Version: 1.0.1   (version history)
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Date: January 26, 2002
License: Free To Try E199
OS: Win 95/NT/2000/98/ME

Publisher's Description

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This ToolsLibrary saves much time for you with the implementation of forms for your bussiness programs. It has a lot of number of input control members. Very simply by characteristic attitude configurable and hase thelook and feel of Office XP and VS.NET. The Library was written in VB.NET.

ToolsLibrary.NET Advantages

Surely you know the desires your customers for comfortable input control on the input masks, so e.g. in the financial accounting, are always wished that a program is to be steered exclusive by keyboard and one should to be able oneself to through-grope above all through the individual input fields with the cursor keys or with the enter key. This is not so simple under Windows to realize, there is only the way by the tab key and this functioned only toward forward of the Tab sequence, how it gave the developer.

Our ToolsLibrary.NET saves now this annoying programming work to the developer, as a keyboard controling was already implemented in the individual control members. So the programmer can select freely the keys for the keyboard controls in its forms. To be called further possible the fields are new forms by keyboard to be deleted completely or e.g. for further selection. Likewise inputs can become certified only in large and/or small letters or an input accordingly convert are likewise a characteristic of the input control members. 

The ButtonEdit control members possess additionally the possibility over the integrated button another form e.g. for the structure of one form for bank code number for the selection and assumption of the value in the input field or other events with it to release. Whereby the Numeric control member possesses an integrated calculator and the date control member an integrated calendar. 

The SuperEdit control members received automatically a label/caption before the input field places. Thus the work with placing the extra label(caption) is void during the form layout. 

Likewise it is to be adapted possible the appearance of the control members to the own needs. 

These are only some possibilities those the control members possess. 

The following control members are implemented in the ToolsLibrary.Net: 

DCButton, DCButtonDateBox, DCButtonEditBox, DCButtonNumericBox, DCCapture, DCCheckBox, DCComboBox, DCDataBox, DCEditBox, DCLabel, DCLine, DCNumericBox, DCPictureBox, DCSpinEdit, DCSuperCheckBox, DCSuperComboBox, DCSuperDateBox, DCSuperEditBox, DCSuperNumericBox, DCSuperSpinEdit, DCToolbar 

Coming soon extensions:

DCTimeBox, DCMaskedBox, DCMultiline, DCRegularBox, DCRTFBox, DCBarcode, DCXPSideMenu, DCOutlookbar, DCMenu, DCTabRegister, ...

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