COMobjects.NET FlashChart (Enterprise Licence) Free Download

Version: 1.0   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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COMobjects.NET FlashChart (Enterprise Licence) Description

COMobjects.NET FlashChart (Enterprise Licence) Free Download.


FlashChart¿1.0¿is a¿long-awaited component for data visualization. It
generates various kinds of charts in Macromedia Flash¿ format.¿FlashChart is a
must have component for everyone who need to display data¿as charts. Judge for
yourself: Macromedia Flash¿ is a very wide-spread format - overwhelming majority
of Internet users has browsers, supporting this format. Besides of it, Flash
movies, unlike common images, are much more attractive. In particular, charts in
Macromedia Flash¿ format are animated; several types of animation are available.
In addition, files of¿this format are rather compact.

FlashChart has a lot of appearance settings. You can adjust almost every
element of resulting chart. But it is not all: the 'cherry on top' is that
settings could be saved into the separate file, edited, and loaded back. It
allows you to prepare so-called 'style schemes' or skins. We ship about 30
ready-to-use style schemes.

FlashChart is developed for using in the .NET Framework environment.¿However,
since¿Microsoft¿took care¿of compatibility of the¿.NET and COM technologies,¿you
can add the might of the FlashChart not only into the pure .NET application, but
into the common projects as ActiveX component too (.NET Framework must be
installed though).

Furthermore, we took care of convenience in usage and prepared detailed
documentation in MSDN style, which is building in the MSDN and integrating with
Visual Studio .NET (thus¿such a great feature as dynamic help is available).


Five chart types as column, row, line, area and¿pie. All charts of these
types (except of pie charts) can be accumulated and normalized.
FlashChart can be used either in .NET projects or in¿projects¿based on
ActiveX technology.¿
Macromedia Flash¿¿is a cross-platform format and great number of computers
does support it.
Charts, created by FlashChart are very attractive.¿It is not static image:
several¿types of animation is supported.
Generated charts has sufficiently small size.
The chart appearance can be easily modified.
All the chart settings can be saved to file (called style scheme) and
restored from it later.
30 ready style schemes are shipped with the FlashChart.
The resulting chart can be saved either into .swf file or stream.
Documentation, integrated with MSDN and Visual Studio .NET.

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