VisualSoft Mail

Version: 3.4   (version history)
Size: 0
Date: January 26, 2002
License: Free To Try $199
OS: Win 3.1/95/NT/2000/XP/98/ME

Publisher's Description

Datasheet- Mail

What is VisualSoft Mail?

VisualSoft Mail component is a scalable, robust client-server messaging system that provides multiple interfaces for connecting to other systems.

As a mail component it contains the functionality as an interface with the Internet e-mail system, and manages messages locally. The objects can easily be used by your application to compose, send, receive, display and manage e-mail.

VisualSoft Mail component enables POP3 users to retrieve mail using the POP3 protocol, and now you can send and receive signed and encrypted messages. It stores recipients Digital Certificates either in a file or a store.

VisualSoft Mail has following Interfaces




Where can VisualSoft Mail be used?

VisualSoft Mail component can be used in any desktop or web application where the application wants to communicate with another application or end user through mails. This can be very well used in knowledge management, B2B, mail client applications etc.

You can use VisualSoft Mail for the following purpose

Auto responders

Customer Loyalty
Email Headlines
Mail Groups
Transferring Files

 What's new with VisualSoft Mail 3.4

Supports Microsoft .NET Technology

Available both as a COM DLL and ActiveX control.
Supports background music for mail
Complete HTML support with embedded images
Extended features for IMAP
Supports retrieving mail headers from POP3 server (Top Command RFC - 1725)
MSMQ support
SOAP integration

Key Features

Compliant with MIME (RFC 1521).

Compliant with SMTP and Internet standard RFC 821, 822 and 1867.

Compliant with POP3 (RFC 1725)
Compliant with NNTP (RFC 977 & 1036)
Supports S/MIME (RFC 2633)


VisualSoft Mail is compatible with a wide range of development languages and platforms including:

Microsoft Visual Studio 5.0

Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

Borland Products (Delphi & C++)

Microsoft Office 97/2000


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