VisualSoft FTP for .NET

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Date: January 26, 2002
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OS: Win 95Win CE / Pocket PC /NT/2

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What is VisualSoft FTP for

What is VisualSoft FTP for .NET?

VisualSoft FTP for .NET is a client side component that allows fast and easy transfer of files from local system to an FTP server. Built using Microsoft .NET, the component can be used in all .NET framework compliant environments.

Applications requiring file transfer can transfer even high-volume files in the format of documents, images, and exe files quickly and conveniently. The component is compliant with RFC 959 and RFC 1579 (Firewall friendly RFC). The component performs various FTP operations like transferring a file to an FTP server and other operations like appending, creating directories on the FTP server.

One of the key features of the component is that it can handle network errors. If the FTP server stops operating or there is some network related error while the file is being transferred, the component provides a method to resume the file transfer when the connection with the server is re-established.

This component supports different types of firewall authentication.

VisualSoft FTP for .NET has following Interfaces


Where can VisualSoft FTP for .NET be used?

VisualSoft FTP for .NET Component can be used in transferring Files from Local system to FTP Server or TFTP Server. You can use VisualSoft FTP for .NET component for the following purposes

Transferring files to FTP Server.
Downloading files from FTP Server.
Uploading & downloading files through firewall.
Handling directory operations in FTP Server.
Handling network errors.
Transferring files to TFTP Server.
Downloading files from TFTP Server.

Key Features

Multiple Upload and Download of files from FTP Server.
Setting file and directory permissions on server.
Supports firewall authentication.
Resumes file transfer in case of network error.
Supports TFTP.
Compliant with RFC 959.
Compliant with RFC 1579.
Compliant with RFC 1350 and 1784.


VisualSoft FTP for .NET is Compatible with following Platforms

Microsoft Visual Studio 5.0
Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0
Microsoft Visual Studio .NET













































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