Adroit Smart OutlookBar Control Free Download

Version: 1.0   (version history)
Date: February 11, 2005

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OS: Win 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Rating: Not rated
Popularity: Popularity 1/10
Author: Adroit Technologies

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Adroit Smart OutlookBar Control Description

Adroit Smart OutlookBar Control Free Download.

This is Feature-Rich control having different appearances like Office 2003,Office 2000,Office 97 etc.Apart From Bottom-place for collapsed items,control can be set to have Top as Collapsed item place.Full Iconic support is included with both small and Big icon individual for each item to have clear & visible Icons.Windows/Forms/COntrols Can directly be inserted into each Item in run-time also.

Package comes with two controls to feel Real Office 2003 Ambiance.
== [1] SmartMessage [ Office 2003 Style Transparent Message Control]
== [2] SmartLabel [ having features if Header control+Gradient Label+Foot Notes in it]

Combined with these 2 additional control End-User can feel the environment of Office 2003 in the application itself.

Some Features Are...
* 3 appearances.This includes Office 2003,Office Xp and Office 2000 styles.
* NoteOne Color Support as in Smarttabs.
* Customized colors support for each Item.
* Control Containment.As good as in 'SmartTabs'.Controls can be added to individual Item in Design time.
* Full Design-Time Manipulation Support.Control works same in Design-Time and Run-Time.
* PropertyPage Support.Add/Remove/Modify Item Properties Directly through Propertypage.
* Right-To-Left Text and Icon Support.
* 2 Kinds of Client-Pane Positions.
* Optional Client-Pane availability.
* Full Theme Supports.Control exploits the current windows theme.
* Optional Item-Headers and Item-Trackers.
* Insert controls into individual items at run-time also.
* Iconic Support.For better icon clarity Both Big Icon And Small Icon support for each Item.
* ImageList Support.
* 2 free controls included with the 'Smart OutlookBar'.

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