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Version: 2002.1   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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OS: Win 95/NT/2000/XP/98/ME
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Author: Internetion.net

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Zoop Advanced Html Editor Description

Zoop Advanced Html Editor Free Download.

     ZOOP Advanced Html Editor is not only for web designing, it is built for web programmers. Its interface is uncluttered but many advanced tools are implemented therein. The review by WDVL, a web developer portal recommends ZOOP in a heartbeat ! Read more : 

'ZOOP is very fast operating and is loaded with features, some of which the larger companies making HTML editors would do well to observe and emulate.'-- Lee Creek, WDVL. Full review by WDVL (Web Developer's Virtual Library)  
Since that review we have implemented many more powerful features, for example:

Single page conversion of ASP code to VB code
Batch conversion of multiple ASP pages into VB Function code to be used for ActiveX DLL compilation.
Create Table of Content for a document with html heading tags in it
Fast testing of ASP pages in the maximized internal browser by scrolling through the asp files using the file listbox
Insertion of frequently used ASP codes
Back and Forward file opening
Administer your Ms Access or Ms SQL databases from internal browser. The code generated can also be used to administer remote databases.

Features in ZOOP:

You can access most of the functions in ZOOP from the command buttons.
Works on 2 files at one time -- a new file and an opened file
Immediate preview of image thumbnails

File Management functions through right click in directory and 3 file list boxes

Rename, copy, move, delete
Launch files-- music, picture and others in default applications
Make hyperlink to a file
File size and file properties

Graphical pop-up toolbars for :

CSS wizards
Custom tags
Server Side Include
Table wizards and templates
Frame templates
3 Image Mappers
Color Tweakers
Font attributes
Image tag

Code Formatting
Block indenting and outdenting of code
Auto insert multiple paragraph breaks on selected text
Multiple undo and redo
Special Clipboard on the right provides added functionality
Tag Marking for Html, ASP, Vbscript, CSS, Javascripts, Comments and Include File and more. Altogether 21 type of tags.
Quick Enlarging and Reducing of Screen Text
Screen Font selection
Line number display -- 'Show Line No.' button. Very useful for trouble-shooting errors in asp and javascript.
Create table of content (TOC button) from document  with heading tags with on click.
Generous tag menus
Create multi-column, even non-symmetrical tables from lists in a snap ('Table' button)
Create bulleted and number lists from lists in a snap ('Lists' button)
Spell Checker using Winword
Fast open recently used files in drop-down combo, not limited in number of files recorded
Browser-based drag-drop FTP -- Fast and Easy
Find utility can mark multiple instances of target text in red
Powerful multiple file find and replace. Opens found file immediately with a click. Fast replace target string in multiple files. With the option of 'Auto Save' selected, target string in scores of files can be replaced very quickly. ('Find' button)
All floating toolbars (pop-ups) are economically designed so as to occupy the least screen space as possible.
Tutorial files on Html, Javascripts and CSS
WYSIWYG editing in internal browser
Context help by pressing F1 over a tag
Fast open recent files using Back & Forward buttons similar to those in a webbrowser.
Open files in a maximized internal webbrowser -- either for viewing or editing. This browser has tools for managing your databases & testing Active Pages Pages quickly.

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