IBSurgeon Viewer Free Download

Version: 1.0.2   (version history)
Date: February 03, 2004


OS: Win 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Rating: Not rated
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Author: IBSurgeon

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IBSurgeon Viewer Description

IBSurgeon Viewer Free Download.

IBSurgeon Viewer is a free tool for investigation of internal database structure. If you are interesting to know the details about InterBase architecture and on-disk structure (ODS), it will help you to understand the low-level work of database engine.

This version of IBSurgeon Viewer does not use any client or server InterBase software. That is why for work with database you should have direct access to GDB files. It allows examination of any corrupted database including those which cannot be open with the help of InterBase/FireBird.


- Support databases of InterBase 4.x - 7.x and Firebird 1.0
- Page filtering by their type. You can easily navigate to nesessary pages in the database.
- Group data pages by its relation number.
- Viewers for all page's types with convenient representation of page contents.
- HEX viewers for all page's types.
- Assotiation with *.gdb extension
- Manual setting of page size if header page are missed or corrupted.

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