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Date: October 23, 2005

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Author: UnifiedDBTools Software

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BLOB Statistics Description

BLOB Statistics Free Download.

What do you know about your BLOB data?

BLOB Statistics is a tool for collecting, viewing and analyzing information about stored BLOB data. With BLOB Statistics, you can determine the number of images, office documents, sounds, videos (etc.) stored in your Database (or Warehouse), how much space is used, what is the minimum, average and maximum size of data, etc.

Key Features:

-Automatically determines database BLOB objects and creates statistics for them
-Recognizes most popular data formats -Generates statistics for the entire database, for each table, for data formats
-Produces reports with drill-down details
-Supports ODBC and desktop Databases

BLOB Statistics supports the following reports:

1. Database Summary Report - The Summary Report contains summary information about BLOBs for the entire database.
2.Table Summary Report - The Table Summary Report contains summary information for each table.
3. Format Summary Report - The Format Summary Report includes information on all recognized formats.
4. Formats by Tables Report - This report allows you to determine which formats are used in each particular table.
5. Tables by Formats Report - This report allows you to determine in which tables each particular format is used.
6. Database: Recognized/Unrecognized Data - This report allows you to compare the properties of recognized and unrecognized data for the entire database.
7. Tables: Recognized/Unrecognized Data - This report allows you to compare the properties of recognized and unrecognized data for each table.

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