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Auto Dealers (National) Database Description

Auto Dealers (National) Database Free Download.

This database contains information on all Auto Dealers in the US. Auto Dealers are classified as establishments that sell, or lease automobiles of any type, new or used.

In the United States, a car dealership is a place where auto dealers make sales of cars to the general public.

Dealerships can also sell used cars, rental cars, and trade-ins as well as a number of other additional services offered by the company.

Most dealerships stock their new and used cars in a showroom. The cars display the price, and key features are listed, which are required by federal law to be shown.

Many salespeople work on commission only when it comes to a sale and unpredictably; the profit margins for sales of cars are low. Dealerships only mark up their prices 1 or 2% above manufacturer prices. Typically, a dealership will borrow money from the manufacturer and pay interest until a sale is met.

On the other hand, a manufacturer may provide 'hold back' payments that are offered to dealerships that reach a certain target level.

Almost all dealerships offer financing options for one to buy his or her car. This is hugely attractive to the customer and sometimes, a deal can be made with 0% interest.

Another additional benefit that a dealership may offer is insurance. Many of them promote insurance with a certain vehicle to encourage the client, an advantage since insurance can be a costly affair.

Some dealerships also offer types of maintenance as an incentive to clients. This brings peace of mind to the customer so they know they can go there for any specific repairs.

There you can expect professionally trained mechanics to fix your car....

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