Churches and Clergy Email List (Pack 1) Free Download

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Date: May 27, 2011

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Churches and Clergy Email List (Pack 1) Description

Churches and Clergy Email List (Pack 1) Free Download.

This email list database contains contact email addresses for church leaders and other religious organization officials throughout North America.

This clergy email list is the first database in a set of 2. There are no duplicate records within the church email data set.

The clergy are those men within the Church community who have received the sacrament of Holy Orders, that is, deacons, priests and bishops. They may be called clerics.

A church is a good market because of the close-knit community they have.

But marketing to them is way different from marketing to any other groups, because churches impose a certain creed, whether consciously or subconsciously, to their devoted followers.

When marketing to churches, the first thing to do is to understand the whole organization. What are the things they believe in or stand strongly against? What are the things they regularly do?

Which of the group's doctrine can your product or service appeal the most?

Be visible in the church. You have to show the regular churchgoers that you are one with them in mind and spirit.

If you act like a seasonal salesman who is only there to promote the product or service for a certain time, but is not really making extra effort reach out to people, then you might not be successful in your endeavor.

Next, you have to do proper planning. The most influential person in a church is the local pastor. He has the power to induce human action to his constituents.

He can promote your product or service in his next sermon, or through his personal referral. It is then important that you device a plan to make the pastor understand the necessity, as well as the beauty of your product for their community.

Then, deliver as expected.

Once your product or service has received the proper recognition that you require, you have to make sure that you can accommodate the number of potential customers going to you. Deal with each of them as honestly as possible, following the same faith of...

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