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Truck Parts Database Description

Truck Parts Database Free Download.

A truck or lorry is a large motorized vehicle that carries goods. A truck consists of: A chassis that is made up of beams, cross members, and fishplates.

The chassis is the main structure of the truck, and it holds everything in place. It is generally made up of steel and aluminum parts. The beams are held together by the cross members.

A cab is the place where the driver usually sits. The sizes vary and may range from simple enclosures to modern, large spaces that have AC, good sound systems and suspension for the seats.

Sometimes a sleeper is attached, and this is where the driver can relax when he or she is not driving. Cab overs are when the driver sits over the engine and axle, which is common in Europe, whereas in the United States, conventional cabs are preferred. Here, the driver sits behind the engine.

An engine that is typically run on gasoline is for smaller trucks. Larger trucks use diesel engines.

Conventionally, the engines of trucks are never made by the truck manufacturers and are always made by engine specialists.

The drive train of trucks can either consist of manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic transmissions. Manual transmissions can be tiring for the driver, if no synchronizer is present.

This is due to the fact that one has to use a double clutch when shifting. In Europe, it is more common now to drive trucks with automatic transmissions. This is because of the health risks, especially with regard to the drivers' knees, which are now being recognized....

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