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Washington DC Business Listings Database Description

Washington DC Business Listings Database Free Download.

The listings contained in this data source are updated on a biweekly basis, and are amassed from new telephone connections established as a Business Account that would normally be added to our Yellow Pages. It contains listings for 230, 471 businesses located in Washington DC.

A number of tax breaks and incentives are being offered for companies that wish to do business in Washington D.C.

In addition to this a revitalization project has been underway for the last few years. There are a number of benefits to be gained from doing business in this region.

Washington DC is a center of companies that are dedicated to offering cutting edge technology.

In addition to making the city attractive to businesses that are looking to invest in it, officials are working hard to make it a great place for people to work.

One of the best incentives available to companies that wish to operate in the Washington D.C area is the New E-Conomy Transformation Act.

This program is designed to offer tax credits to employers, and the amount can be as high as $7, 500 for each employee.

This program will also give credits to companies that are looking to purchase technological equipment.

Research shows that some businesses and individuals are eligible to receive over $1 billion in tax benefits on the federal level. However, to qualify for this, companies must be willing to invest in projects that will specifically be located in the Washington D.C. area.

Employer wage credits may be offered for as much as $3, 000. Some programs may even offer companies a tax rate that is as low as 0%. There are four revitalization programs that are being conducted in the region.

The goal of city officials is to make it a place where employees want to work....

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