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Version: 4.4   (version history)
Date: October 19, 2007

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OS: Win ME/NT/2000/XP
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Author: Progwhiz

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Data Integrator Pro Description

Data Integrator Pro Free Download.

This DataBase utility was engineered with automation and simplicity in mind. In this demanding business world ever rapidly changing, requires us to constantly upgrade and optimise infrastructure.

This ultimately leads to the need to migrate information(data) onto newer high tech platforms. This until now required aquisitioning of external resources with specialised skillsets to get the 'Job Done'. Happily now this can be afforded to anyone with basic SQL skills.

The utility inteprets the query and automatically populates a file with all the fields requested. Simply and Effectively, regardless of the SQL database. Once an ODBC driver is setup on the particular PC the utility is being executed.

Some of the key Features are : Connecting to any SQL Compliant Server & DataBase Scheduling Capability FTP Upload Capability Friendly Error Trapping Script Analyser

Ability to Interpret SQL and populate a file Based on the fields stated in the SQL Statement Error Correction of Field selection in SQL statement Strict user control Enable / Disable of user buttons where applicable

Multiple database instances saved to facilitate extracts from various database / tables using multiple SQL Select scripts Ability to Date / Time stamp ‘dump' files Auto Error correction capability in the event field data is corrupt or actual field names are incorrect Additional end of line characters Menu options

Data Integrator Pro keywords: database, extract, sql, dump, export, middleware, tool

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