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Version: 1.00   (version history)
Date: December 26, 2007

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OS: Windows
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Author: Filord Group

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Filord Description

Filord Free Download.

Filord is the MS Excel software utility that loads spreadsheet files into memory and runs different queries on them.

It's a tool designed to save you time and effort on routine tasks - find duplicate values, unique values across two files, reverse order of rows, get subtotals, filter and more. Work much easier with reports, analytics, stock taking and lab data, maths, accounting, transaction records etc.

Installation size is 1.5 Mb with built-in help (English) and uninstall support, intuitive graphic interface. Being an external solution (not an add-in) Filord doesn't alter your current Excel installation. No specific experience and skills required, basic knowledge of Excel is enough.

Welcome to Filord and get your job done in minutes - no more tedious macros, complicated formulas, add-ins and VBA practices.

Filord keywords: compare excel files, excel formulas, excel macros, compare columns, datasheets, reverse sorting, find duplicate values, excel totals, tabular data, subtotal, unique values, modify data, filter data, query tool, data queries, compare two columns in ex

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