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Date: November 11, 2008


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Tzunami Deployer SharePoint migration Description

Tzunami Deployer SharePoint migration Free Download.

Migrating existing documents and processes from legacy collaboration environments into MOSS presents businesses with significant challenges.

These challenges include maintaining content quality; retaining metadata and security characteristics; mapping content from nonstandard lists, directories and folders to MOSS logical data structures; maintaining business functions during migration; and more.

Tzunami Deployer enables efficient, cost-effective and expert migration of content and processes from a variety of collaboration environments to MOSS.

It comprehensively addresses challenges with features such as a powerful rule engine that automates the process and thus both substantially shortens the time required to migrate content and increases content migration accuracy. The rule engine enables data to be deployed to multiple locations based on organization needs and filters content based on specific criteria.

It is particularly effective at identifying and filtering irrelevant legacy data that has accumulated over the course of years, a tedious and time consuming task that is often neglected.

The filtering capabilities of Tzunami Deployer?s rule engine are especially valuable in phased migration processes.

Filtering enables content that is essential for end user activity to be identified and protected during each stage of migration to ensure that end users are not inconvenienced in any way.

Tzunami Deployer ensures that critical metadata is faithfully preserved. It supports a large number of column types and provides easy addition of more columns.

Through cloning of source properties, Tzunami Deployer supports on-the-fly additions of properties to lists during the deployment process. Additional Tzunami Deployer capabilities faithfully preserve hierarchy ACLs and security models.

As the only solution provider that specializes entirely in migrations solutions, Tzunami offers outstanding service and support and lowers the total cost of SharePoint ownership.

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