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Version: 2.5.1   (version history)
Date: October 27, 2010

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OS: Windows
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Author: ljcsoftdev

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SQLWriter Description

SQLWriter Free Download.

SQLWriter is a powerful SQL script editor for all database developers and database administrators. It supports ACCESS, SQL SERVER, ORACLE, DB2, SYBASE, MYSQL, FIREBIRD and others.

In addition, it also edits or runs SQL queries and scripts with code completion. You can browse the SQL result data and objects of any database.

You can create or modify the database template to customize everything So this SQL tool can help you work more efficiently.

It has many features.

Database template: add / remove database object which showed in database schema tree or code completion list.Customize database object pop menu. Change the object image.

Support many databases with ODBC or OLEDB driver.

Highlight the keywords of SQL script and you can custom the keywords by yourself.

Show the objects of the database, such as table, column, view, etc.

Support line commentary wherever the database supports it.

Format SQL scripts, convenient read SQL.

Execute many SQL scripts at the same time and you can stop them when the SQL script is executing.

Browse or edit the SQL results and save them to html, svc and xml format file.

Support transaction (if the database supports it).

Export and import database tables data.

Support code auto completion even the alias in SQL scripts.

You can Custom the font of edit area, schema tree, data grid and the color of keywords, string or numeric constant in the edit area.

Powerful edit function such as Copy, Paste, Cut, Redo and Undo.

Frozen any datagrid columns or rows.

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