Database Master Free Download

Version: 2.0   (version history)
Date: July 27, 2010


OS: Windows
Rating: Not rated
Popularity: Popularity 0/10
Author: Nucleon Software

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Database Master Description

Database Master Free Download.

Database Master is a Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, FireBird ,MongoDB, XML and SQLite client application with a consistent, elegant,

modern and easy-to-use interface that simplifies querying, editing, visualizing, managing, designing, reporting and constructing relational databases and also allows you to connect any database system via ODBC and OleDb connection technologies.

Using Database Master, you can create, edit and delete all database objects such as tables, views, procedures, functions, indexes and triggers. You can execute SQL queries and scripts, view and edit table data including BLOBs (Image, Text), represent tables and its relations as a ER (Entity Relationship) diagram.

Main Features:
*Manages Multiple Database Connections
*Database Manager: Create/Delete Databases
*Table Manager: Create/Edit/Delete Tables
*View Manager: Create/Edit/Delete Views
*Procedure Manager: Create/Edit/Delete Procedures
*Index Manager: Create/Edit/Delete Indexes
*Trigger Manager: Create/Delete Triggers
*Relations: Views Tables and Relations as a ER Diagramm.
*Reports: Reports data and database objects
*Host information
*User Management
*Multiple Query Output
*Properties: Shows database object properties
*Data Visualizers: Text Visualizer, Image Visualizer, Chart Visualizer
*Table Data Editor: Create, Update or Delete data records.
*Database Maintenance
*Powerful SQL Editor : Syntax Highlighting and IntelliSense)
*Visual SQL Query Builder
*Data Export ( XML, CSV, Excel, Word, RTF, PNG, Html, Pdf, XPS)
*SQL Script Export
*Csv Data Import: Imports any size CSV file.
*Bulk SQL Import: Imports any size SQL file.
*XML File Import
*Code Factory
*Pack/Go Packet Data Export/Import
*And More...

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