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Version: 3.5   (version history)
Date: April 26, 2010

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OS: Windows
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Author: Expert Commercial Software

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Hex Edit Description

Hex Edit Free Download.

HexEdit is hex editor that is renowned for its intuitive interface and ability to quickly and reliably edit files of any size.

It has many options like: hex / char / both / stacked display modes, autofit, hex / dec addresses, RO / RW, INS / OVR modes, fully customizable "info tips", scroll / zoom using mouse-wheel, print selection (coalescing duplicate lines), margin / line-spacing, print preview, fast searches, comparison, highlighter, clipboard, bookmarks, color schemes.

It can continuously display over 70 properties in a pinable dialog: including decimal 4 sizes of integer, bit values, IEEE / IBM floats (new C# Decimal), dates (new time64_t) etc.

You can also edit properties, eg. change a date. You can see characters as ASCII / ANSI, IBM / OEM (MSDOS), EBCDIC using the char set drop-down list.

Our advanced template system allows you to easily describe and display any sort of file structure (IF, FOR, BIT-FIELDS, SWITCH etc).

Time-saving features include the Find tool (with drop-down history list) that allows quick searches for hex digits or strings, and hex / decimal jump tools.

The status bar displays number of occurrences of current search string, distance from the cursor to the "mark", RO / RW, INS / OVR, REC, CAPS etc. The length of the selection is available while selecting or by pressing the SHIFT key.

Advanced features include raw disk and volume editor, change tracking, unlimited file / window undo, background searches, keystroke macros, unlimited recent file list, ZLIB compression, fill block, CRCs, MD5, Motorola-S / Intel-hex files. A powerful calculator is included that allows file manipulation and is tightly integrated with macros making it simple to create and repeat complex operations.

You can completely customize menus, keyboard & toolbars (even edit button images), 7 different context menus, 3 different double-click events, user tools etc.

All user-defined keys appear in menus and tooltips.

On-line help is 2nd to none including several tutorials.

Hex Edit keywords: hex, editor, binary, file, ebcdic

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