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Version: 5.0   (version history)
Date: October 01, 2004

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OS: Win 98/ME/NT/2000
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Author: [Buckland, Buchman & Backlund]

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[B3 Cyber Dialogs] Description

[B3 Cyber Dialogs] Free Download.

The days of boring non-resizable Win32 dialogs are over. [B3 Cyber Dialogs] will revolutionize how people do dialogs in Win32 applications. [B3 Cyber Dialogs] is an authoring tool and runtime for DHTML-based dialogs for ordinary Win32 applications.

It is fully WYSIWYG - you drag and drop elements from different palettes to populate your dialogs. Even the font style, background color and image and border style can be set with drag and drop. There is also a user-customizable palette.

Dialogs can be previewed at any time. Resizable dialogs are easily accomplished using a technique called [B3 Anchored Edges]. Dialogs can be designed to use a minimum and maximum size. They can also be told to remember their size and user input between sessions.

The output from the tool is an ordinary HTML file but with the .cdlg extension. Events in a running dialog can either be handled in C++ or by in-dialog scripts. The authoring tool contains a syntax-coloring text editor and editing event handlers for buttons etc are just a mouse click away.

The runtime can also be used for non-dialog windows, e.g. in form-based applications - it has never been easier to develop form-based C++ applications for Win32.

The source code for the small C++ runtime is available for free.

[B3 Cyber Dialogs] keywords: dialogs, dialog authoring, html authoring, dhtml

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