GREPPES Text Tools Free Download

Version: 2.6   (version history)
Date: July 13, 2008


OS: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000
Rating: Not rated
Popularity: Popularity 0/10
Author: Intelligence Services

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GREPPES Text Tools Description

GREPPES Text Tools Free Download.

Greppes are GREP's that Edit with many options. They are programming or admin tools for Investigation and Change of any files on ANY PC's that use DOS.

They are oriented towards English byte characters but can be adapted for other languages to include UNICODE double bytes. PDGREPPE is Pattern Definition GREP with Pattern Editing FGREPPE is Fast or Fixed GREP with Pattern Editing.

Each uses (CLI) Command Line Interface and can be customised for International Text bytes, data logging, default directories, environment and custom filter shell commands. Both can edit by interactive or automatic modes with full respect for file-sharing properties. Uses DOS 8.3, IFS or Long File Names on command line or CLI extension file.

Options are available by menus of FILE, VIEW, SEARCH, REPLACE, MISC and HELP. PDGREPPE has other menus for pattern DEFINITIONS. PDGREPPE searches by Extended Regular Expressions similar to EGREP on UNIX systems.

It can reuse search patterns from user created definition files, employ (MarkedGroups) of pattern data that may be reused later by optional user specified reference names in search and replace patterns. Magic or wildcard symbols and formats are like those in other GREPS and PERL.

They include most standard punctuation characters "^$[].(){}#%-/;!?*+&|~`'@:,="and backslash "\" that represent data positions, ranges of characters (sets), ANY byte, Marked and Unmarked Groups, reuse of Marked Group patterns, positive and negative Repititions, OR and AND operators, control, literal file inclusion and separation. These allow searches to be made for imprecise alternate forms of data. FGREPPE is more simple like FGREP on UNIX systems and does a search and replace based on FIXED patterns.

GREPPES feature screen paging, word wrap, high light of match areas, recursive descent into file system, multiple drive specification and MANY other options as detailed in on-line documentation file README.EXE and at Web at

GREPPES Text Tools keywords: greps, search, replace, edit, magic, wildcards, extended regular expressions

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