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Version: 1.0   (version history)
Date: March 21, 2002

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OS: Win 95/98/2000
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Author: GuiMaster Solutions

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MYQuery Analyzer Description

MYQuery Analyzer Free Download.

Feaures:1)Automatic word completion:
You don't have to remember which column belongs to which table , or which table belongs to which database just press dot we will finish the object name for you .
2)Function tool tips :
A tool tip appears for each function you type, all mysql functions are provided with tool tips , to remind you with parameter types and a explanation on what it does .
3)Tree of objects :
In this tree you will find all objects in the current server , all databases ,tables....
Also you will find list of functions each under its own category. You can drag any object from the tree to your window. 4)Syntax color Editing :
The Editor colors the syntax of each mysql reserved word , you wont have to run your queries to know that you have a misspelling. (all msql functions supported) 5)Multiple statement queries:
You can type as much queries as you want and view the results of each in its own grid .
6)No locking problems :
Authors of query tools usually forget the lock problem. Accessing a locked resource will cause the program to hang .During testing phase this could be quite painful .In Myquery Analyzer this will never happen. Accessing a blocked resource will simply put you in a waiting state, while you can continue working with other windows .
7)Multiple document interface:
You can open multiple documents , connect to any number of servers you want .

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