HPS HwndSpy - ultimate window spy program Free Download

Version: 1.7   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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OS: Win NT/2000/XP/98/ME
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Author: Highplains.net

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HPS HwndSpy - ultimate window spy program Description

HPS HwndSpy - ultimate window spy program Free Download.

HPS HwndSpy is a programming utility that allows developers to visually locate and inspect windows that are currently being displayed. When the cursor is moved over a window, HPS HwndSpy will display various attributes about the window, including its size, location, class, and style. This is very useful in analyzing windows in a deeply layered GUI application. HPS HwndSpy is an invaluable tool for developers doing maintenance on GUI applications, where they first need to understand the windows hierarchy and how the windows are structured.

HPS HwndSpy optionally displays a graphical tree view of all current
windows in the system. You can click on any of these window items to
visually locate a window and display its properties.

HPS HwndSpy works with both standalone and browser-based user interfaces. For browser windows that are displayed by Internet Explorer or Microsoft's web browser control, the text, url, and tags of the HTML elements will be displayed. This includes the text of INPUT fields such as passwords.

Key Features

Window properties view - displays important properties of window
and browser UI elements, including size, location, class, decoded
styles, tags, and urls
Automatic updating - no need to drag/drop 'finder tool', window
properties are updated automatically as mouse cursor is moved
Window tree view - optionally displays graphical tree view of all
current windows in system
Outlining - optionally outlines window whose properties are being displayed
Find window - visually find any window from its handle

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