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Version: 1.1.0p1   (version history)
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Date: January 26, 2002
License: Free To Try E95

Publisher's Description

Maguma Studio is the source-level IDE, equipped with all the features known from other languages' development environments.

Through tight integration of the PHP interpreter and the PHP documentation, Maguma Studio gives developers a time-saving development tool. Features full integration of the PHP interpreter and the PHP documentation (through 'function insight' and F1-key popup manual pages), integrated preview window, full syntax highlighting for HTML and PHP, AutoComplete for frequently used text constructs, tag buttons and all the standard editing functions like almost unlimited undo, copy and paste, searching, etc. Studio is smaller and faster loading than other PHP IDEs.

Maguma Studio Desktop is our flagship IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that offers a comprehensive set of editing and debugging tools for the scripting language PHP. Based on the older Maguma Studio Light, the popular (over 100,000 downloads since November 2001) PHP editor that Maguma offered to the community for free, Maguma Studio Desktop is now accompanied by several versions of the Maguma Studio core that addresses the demanding professional PHP developer with specific features and benefits, including:

Integrated CVS client: With CVS, you can easily retrieve old versions of a source file to see exactly which change caused a bug, or who modified specific parts of a file. CVS also helps you if you are part of a group of people working on the same project: It puts all sources into a central repository and manages the changes of the single developers.

Professional project management: Manage multiple files and directories by organizing them into a project. Each project can have different properties, such as PHP include path, FTP server, etc.

Local development environment: Apache, PHP, MySQL, CVS and phpMyAdmin are installed out of the box, saving you the hassle of downloading and configuring these components on your own. The management of all compoments is tightly integrated into the IDE.

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