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Date: April 01, 2006

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OS: Win 98/ME/2000/XP
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Author: Alpha Interactive

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ProPad Description

ProPad Free Download.

Propad is an development environment, especially for web based applications. The handling is very simple, because it's very user friendly and based on the structure of a text editor, but providing many features for developers.

Features: >> highlighters for most file formats>> parsers for XML/XSL, HTML, PHP, CSS, Pascal, JScript and INI files>> code and execute your own pascal scripts>> completion proposals for standard code>> easy changing your values and data via the Inspektor>> work with your FTP files (internal FTP access)>> internal Java Compiler Plugin (requires Sun Java)>> many Export formats: RTF (Richtext Format), HTML page, UUE encoded, Base64 encoded , ProPad Archives (an internal compressed and crypted format)>> many Import formats: Graphic files (42 different formats), UUE and Base64 files, ProPad Archives>> comfortable printer preview and printer setup>> You can select your personal assistant (does NOT require any MS Agents !)>> you can easyly add and remove your own tools and integrate them in ProPad>> internal Update function ...

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