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Version: 1.01   (version history)
Date: September 26, 2004

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OS: Win 95/98/ME/2000/XP
Rating: Not rated
Popularity: Popularity 0/10
Author: Balrog Software

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VMM Basic Description

VMM Basic Free Download.

VMM Basic have intern motion detection commands to make interactive games for your webcam, intern sprite commands based on DirectX to make any 2d game with blend, rotation, color key, animations, deformation, color layer effects, and more, network commands to make online games.

Main features:
Create stand-alone executables.
Up to 5 types of variables.
Arrays up to 4 types and 16 dimensions.
If - Else - EndIf, Repeat - Until, While - Wend, For - Next flow control commands.
Procedures with full recurrence, up to 16 parameters.
Local and global variables.
STDCALL and CDECL dynamic link libraries supported.
Motion detection engine based on VFW.
Creation of Windows GUI's easily.
Easy sprite engine based on DirectDraw and Direct3D.
Sprite animation engine based on DirectDraw and Direct3D.
315 native commands, 6488 API commands, and 6112 constants.

2D Drawing - Drawing circles, lines, boxes, images, ...
Animation - Sprite animations with effects.
AVI - Play AVI files.
Console - Create applications based on console.
D3D Sprite - Sprites through Direct3D 7.0.
File - Create and read files.
Font - Load and use fonts.
Image - Load and use Bmp and Ico images.
INI - Create and read INI config files.
Joystick - Examine joystick state.
Keyboard - Examine keyboard state.
Library - Use external DLL libraries.
Math - Math functions.
Memory - Allocate and use memory.
Menu - Create window menus.
MIDI - Load and play MIDI files.
Misc - Misc commands.
Mouse - Mouse information.
MPEG - Load and play MPEG files.
Network - Create TCP/IP networks.
Requester - Show requester windows.
Sound - Load and play Wav files.
Sprite - Sprites through DirectDraw 7.0.
StackPointer - Stack pointer funcitons.
String - String manipulation functions.
System - General system commands.
Timer - Timer counters.
Webcam - Video device library with motion detection commands.
Window - Create windows and control.

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