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Date: January 02, 2010

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Author: CM Consult (CM-Consult)

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GanttChart for ClearQuest Description

GanttChart for ClearQuest Free Download.

The module is made in the form of Plug-in for IBM Rational ClearQuest 7.0 and upper.

This module is intended for every person who uses IBM Rational ClearQuest and is short of project management capabilities. The module does not substitute for existing project management tools but adds the operational sections into IBM Rational.

For the most experienced users the functions of this module will be absolutely enough for ad-hock planning and operational management of their projects. The module has no analogues in the world!

CM-Consult GanttChart is featured in the IBM Global Solutions Directory ID 41151 The module can be easily implemented and effectively used in any project.

According to the statistical research, the use of the module allows saving about 18-30% of working hours due to simplification of routine and repetitive operations. The module can be used with peak efficiency in organizations with a limited number of managers running a large quantity of projects.

GanttChart for ClearQuest allows to the project managers and administrators:
*Analyzing the project status in real time scale.
*Agile correcting the project plan.
*Saving project manager's time for the replanning of request groups (change requests and extension requests). Especially within service oriented approach when a great number of requests every day require a special attention.
*Effectively distributing the resources.
*Transferring requests from one state to another on-the-fly.
*Shifting the groups of tasks and requests (change planned dates) in drag-and-drop mode.

GanttChart for ClearQuest allows to the project members:
*To see their own workload on the whole pool of requests at once (tasks, defects, requests etc).
*To work with task plan comfortable and as usual.

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