JOPCClient (more than 5 pcs, discount: 35%) with 1 year Service agreement Free Download

Version: 1.201   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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OS: Win NT/2000/XP
Rating: Not rated
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JOPCClient (more than 5 pcs, discount: 35%) with 1 year Service agreement Description

JOPCClient (more than 5 pcs, discount: 35%) with 1 year Service agreement Free Download.

Product description
With JOPCClient you can now develop Java applications with the ability to read and write values from/to any device supported by an OPC server. The JOPCClient will run on the Windows platform only (NT/2000/XP), but it will run on any JVM (Java Virtual Machine) supporting the Sun JNI (Java Native Interface) specification, including Sun's JVM. It is supported on JDK 1.1 as well as JDK 1.2 and 1.3.

JOPCClient consists of an easy to use all-Java programming API, no prior knowledge of DCOM programming is necessary. This means you will be up and running in no time.

JOPCClient is completely event driven, giving you the performance you need for monitoring and controlling a high number of items.

A free evaluation version is available. The evaluation version has the same functionality as the registered version, however only a limited number of connections and items can be created.

The JOPCClient package consists of:
Java programming API (Jar file) and a JNI (Java Native Interface) Win32 DLL.
Example source code to get you up and running within minutes.
Users manual in HTML format.
API documentation in javadoc HTML format.

As developers and integrators of industrial automation software, OPI has used JOPCClient for several mission critical solutions running 24x7 hour production. This is your guarantee that JOPCClient has been designed and built with reliability and performance in mind.

Volume discount
The following volume discounts are available:
3-5 licenses: 25%
> 5 licenses: 35%
In order to get the discount, please select program number:

151693 - if you want to purchase 3 to 5 licenses
151861 - if you want to purchase more than 5 licenses
The licenses must be purchased at the same time. Please select the right product number when you make the order.

Service agreement
Secure your investment by purchasing the JOPCClient Service agreement. The Service agreement includes
support by telephone, fax or email concerning use of JOPCClient. It also includes free upgrades of JOPCClient as they become available. The cost is 15% of the total order sum pr. year. In order to purchase the licenses along with the Service agreement please select program number:
151862 - if you want to purchase 1 or 2 licenses with Service agreement
151863 - if you want to purchase 3 to 5 licenses with Service agreement
151864 - if you want to purchase more than 5 licenses with Service agreement

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