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Date: January 26, 2002

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YourKit Java Profiler 2.0 Description

YourKit Java Profiler 2.0 Free Download.

YourKit Java Profiler 2.0 is a new generation of profiling tools. With help of YourKit Java Profiler 2.0 you can easily solve wide range of CPU and memory related performance problems.

YourKit Java Profiler 2.0:

Advanced CPU and memory profiling features
Profiler is designed to profile the real-life applications.
Application started with profiler agent runs at full speed until you
explicitly start profiling
Highly optimized profiler agent allows to profile CPU and record
object allocations with low impact on performance
Two modes of CPU profiling, sampling and method tracing,
and comprehensive tools to find performance bottlenecks
Automation of memory leak detection
Powerful tools for analysis of memory distribution
Ability to find sources of excessive garbage allocation
and analyse where objects are created
Easy to use object heap browser
Comprehensive memory tests as part of your JUnit testing process
Profiling of your a

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