Version: v5.0   (version history)
Size: 18MB
Date: April 05, 2004
License: Free To Try $1250
OS: Win NT/2000/XP
Author: GreenPoint, Inc.

Publisher's Description

Deliver general purpose and specialized 2- and 3-dimensional charts, grids, and heatmaps as applets or interactive server-generated images (PNG,GIF,JEG,SWF,SVG,WBMP) to the web browsers and mobile devices. Benefits of using WebCharts 3D:

- Use powerful Chart Designer to add charts in a matter of minutes in WYSIWYG mode.

- Insert over 100 different charts into your pages; define chart's styles by using property sheets; bind them to the databases, and files.

- Display real-time data; process end-user events using client- or server-side event handlers; drill-down into the data and update the chart without refreshing the page.

- Render charts as applets, interactive server-generated images, or interactive vector graphics on JSP servers running on Window, Linux or Solaris.

- Use native XML formats for both chart's presentation and contents or employ powerful API to access/modify both styles and data.

WebCharts 3D charts include bar, column, cone, cylinder, cone/cut, cylinder/cut, line, area, scatter, curve, surface, bubble, ring, pie, Gantt, candle, stock, floating bars, histogram, profile, timeline, and distribution. Different styles can be assigned to the different data series to create the combination charts.

The charts support multiple axes; normal, arithmetic and geometric logarithmic scales; default, stacked, clustered and percent placement modes; data scrolling; multiple gradient painting styles; background images; single- and multi-line labels.

Image server components create the images on the fly and deliver it as a byte stream or as a reference with the image map.

You can control the image caching policies, including image expiration interval, cache location, rendering mode, resource pool management, and garbage collection rules.

The expired images are automatically removed from the cache and the files are deleted.

WebCharts3D keywords: chart, graph, charting component, servlet, jsp, java, applet, server-side image, interactive, pie, bar, line, column, step, area, scatter, ring, bubble, radar, heatmap

This program is no longer available for download from our website. Please contact the author of WebCharts3D at olga@gpoint.com for any additional information.