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Date: July 21, 2005
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Artificial neural networks (ANNs) resembled the human nervous system, with algorithms consisting of weighted interconnecting processing units (like neural map of the human brain). To address a particular problem using ANNs, the interrelated connections are tuned and the value of weights between units is adjusted. ANNs are tried and tested artificial intelligence technology for superior pattern recognition.

Pattern recognition offers benefits of solving practical problems in the business, medical and engineering world. Proper data preprocessing, architecture selection and network training are required to reap the best from ANNs. The arduous task to optimized ANNs is alleviated with Pannasoft Ingenuity, the ANNs engine that is simplified for use. Certain parameters are optimally set while others can be tuned. The aim is to let users obtained the best from ANNs without the need to acquire the knowledge of a rocket scientist.

Pannasoft Ingenuity's component engine is based on Autonomous Adaptive Algorithm (AAA), a hybrid artificial neural networks (ANNs) technology. AAA synergistically matches state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms such as neural computation, fuzzy computation, and evolutionary computation to form a hybrid algorithm. AAA combines the best features from all three methodologies to produce neural-fuzzy, fuzzy-evolutionary, and/or evolutionary-neural models.

Pannasoft Ingenuity comprised methods and algorithms specially configured and evaluated by Pannasoft's experts for optimized application on neural network-based solutions. Pannasoft Ingenuity provides the best-of-breed artificial neural networks technology to be infused into real world software products to achieve optimal solutions to specific problems, yielding numerous returns in terms of best results, enhanced value and competitive edge.

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