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Date: December 04, 2014

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MaintainJ Plugin Description

MaintainJ Plugin Free Download.

MaintainJ, an Eclipse plug-in, generates runtime UML sequence and class diagrams for a given use case, helping the users to quickly understand a complex Java or J2EE application.

MaintainJ is the tool to turn to when :
--Find out what exactly happens when you run a use case
--Generate interactive sequence diagram from call trace
--Reduce the bug fix and release cycle time of your applications
--Document your applications in minutes

MaintainJ is different from any reverse engineering tools you have seen before.a) Forget Static Reverse Engineering - UML diagrams from source code can take you only so far.

Run a use case and generate UML sequence and class diagrams for that use case. b) Call context - The sequence digrams show the input and return parameter values, the state of the called object and the response time of the call c) Shows the SQL calls - Shows the actual runtime SQL calls with parameters populated regardless of the JDBC frameworks used

d) Supports multi-JVM applications - Generates end-to-end sequence diagrams for applications running on multiple JVMs.e) Facilitates debugging multi-threaded applications.f) Explore the Diagrams - MaintainJ sequence diagrams are a pleasure to read. You can expand and collapse the calls while exploring a complex sequence diagram. g) Focus on What You Need - Only application classes (no API classes) in specified packages are shown.

All loop calls and recursive calls are removed. Multiple filters are provided to remove unwanted calls.h) From running application - Diagrams are generated from a running application.

You don't need to have the source code. i) Save Maintenance Costs - Maintenance costs 90%. Understanding code costs 50% of maintenance costs. Save by generating UML diagrams that help you to quickly understand code.j) Built for, tested and demonstrated on a 8000+ class Java app.

Check the demo videos at / userGuide.jsp?param=overviewDemo

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