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Version: 2.70.058   (version history)
Date: April 27, 2000

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OS: Windows
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Author: Miguel P. Hevia

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libThr Description

libThr Free Download.

libThr is a component that allows the simultaneous execution of a maximum of 99 concurrent processes.

libThr exposes a COM interface which facilitates the creation of COM and OLE objects within independent executing threads. Any object which supports automation can be created within a thread through libThr's exposed functionality. libThr supports both synchronous and asynchronous returned values notifications.

When invoking a method of the object created within a thread through the libThr interface, it may wait until a returned value is produced, or it may return immediately and notify you through an asynchronous event when the returned value becomes available.

libThr also supports both 'single-threaded Apartment' threading models, and 'Free multi-threaded' threading models. You may execute multiple objects of one of these models or a mixture of threads regardless of their threading model. Every new object requested is initialized according to the threading model that was set to it. This operation is performed internally, and is transparent to the developer.

libThr is an 'in-proc' library, that is, its code runs in the same process that has opened an instance of it. Its use is mainly intended to facilitate simultaneous use of multiple OLE objects; either existing objects, or to run you own services and libraries. This means that you can concentrate on the implementation of your object's functionality, and forget about the details of synchronization and scheduling.

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