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Version: 1.01   (version history)
Date: November 12, 1999

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OS: Windows
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Author: NeMo S.A.

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NeMo Free Download.

NeMo is a powerful interactive 3D development tool that lets you focus on content rather than coding.

NeMo lets you create behavioral interactions in a real-time 3D environment. With NeMo, you can: build interactivity into your real-time 3D environments; import 3D models, animations, sounds and textures in industry-standard formats; attach behaviors to entities, choosing from a library of over 300 behaviors; test and refine your application on the fly, in an intuitive interface; and deliver your content in a run-time application for the web or CD ROMs.

NeMo imports the following media formats: 3D Studio Max textured models and keyframe animation; Softimage textured models and keyframe animation via DirectX format; JPG, TIFF, TGA, BMP, PCX, and DIB picture format; AVI, ActiveMovie supported video format; and WAV sound, MID midi file format, MP3-compressed WAV files. NeMo's rendering engine supports DirectX, OpenGL, Glide and software rendering.

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