MarshallSoft GPS Component for C/C++ Free Download

Version: 2.2   (version history)
Date: December 01, 2014

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OS: Windows
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Author: MarshallSoft Computing

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MarshallSoft GPS Component for C/C++ Description

MarshallSoft GPS Component for C/C++ Free Download.

MarshallSoft GPS Component C / C++ and .NET toolkit reads and decodes industry standard GPS NMEA 183 navigation sentences from the RS232 serial port as well as computes great circle distances and bearings.

Features include:
-Supports both 32
-bit and 64
-bit Windows.
-Uses the Windows API for serial port input. No special Windows driver is required.
-Runs as a background thread unattended and is fully thread safe.
-The most current GPS data is always available on demand.
-Includes support functions such as mgcGreatCircle.
-Can read any GPS NMEA 183 sentence, extracting each field
-Can read and decode GPGGA, GPRMC, GPGLL, GPGSA, GPVTG, GPBOD, GPWPL and

GPGSV navigation sentences.- Can graphically display latitude and longitude.- Provides ability to convert units.- Works with Bluetooth serial.- Work with USB ports that have a "USB to Serial Port" converter cable.- Can be used from GUI mode or console mode programs.- Supports Windows 95 / 98 / Me / NT / 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista / 7.- MGC4C is implemented as a standard Windows DLL, which will work with all versions of Windows.- Supports most Windows C / C++ compilers (Microsoft [all versions Visual C++, C++ .NET, C#.NET, and Visual Studio], Borland, Watcom, LCC-WIN32, C++ Builder, MinGW, etc.). - Can be called from any program that is capable of calling the Windows API.- MGC functions can be called directly from both ANSI C programs and from C++ programs.- The license can be used with all supported computer programming languages.- Can be purchased with (or without) source code for the DLLs.- Documentation online as well as in printable format.- Free technical support and updates for one year. Royalty free distribution with your compiled application.

Evaluation versions are fully functional.

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